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when an application client1 sends messages to a message driven bean that is deployed in the server, how can another application client2 retrieve the messages sent to the message driven been deployed with the server.
hi ya...if u implement messagedriven beans...then these beans actually run on the server side and cant write to standard output..u will actually see the output in the server log file..
however one way to get arnd this problem is to create Message Listeners on the client side...instead of using MEssage driven beans,..this will do the task of message driven beans.ie. assynchronously listening to msg.. Check out this code snippet...

import javax.jms.*;
public class client implements MessageListener{

//any instance variables and methods that u like...
//its imperative to have this function
public void onMessage(Message msg){
if (msg instance of TextMessage)
System.out.println("Received text msg..");

likewise the msg can be printed to standard output..
be careful to note that when u deploy the application, the application client must be bound to the appropriate message Destination...these are done manually when u deploy the application.. if these settings are not present, then the client will have to way to listen to msgs...koz the message destination is not defined...
hope ive cleared out ur doubts!!!

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