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Creating a generic bean
Hi guys,

I am a newbie to EJBs - so this may be a very naive query.

Consider this scenario - we have two database tables :
1. EmployeeManager with columns
ManagerEmployeeID and EmployeeID

100 - 101
100 - 102
100 - 103

2. DepartmentLocations with columns

DepartmentID and LocationOD
105 - 110
105 - 1002


The process to get all employees under a manager and all locations of a department is the same.
I would like to create a generic EJB which could retrieve data for any such table. Ok - more clearly, we should be able to dynamically set the column name of the primary key and the table name from where the data must be retrieved.

Is this possible with a CMB ? Any pointers/tutorials/sample code would be hugely appreciated.

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