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JavaScript window close event...

How to capture the event when the user closes the window?
I need to submit the form to server to invalidate the session.

Friends, I tried with onunload javascript function.Its working fine but its closing the window even when the user moving to another window.


Hi Ravi

I do not know if this question belongs here ... but

I believe that this is impossible . The very reason being HTTP is stateless . When the window object is closed there are no events to capture this . That is the idea of having an explicit logout item that you can capture . Another way would be to write a HTTP Sessionbinding listener . Here the value unbound event will be raised when the session expires (window with no activity for a set amount of time ) then you may be able to do a session invalidate.

You may be able to search about widow close in either the servlet or jsp forum to get many leads

Hope this helps
Lakshmi Anantharaman
[ May 24, 2005: Message edited by: Laksh Anan ]
Hello Ravi,
I am also looking for the same query. If you get answer please do help me too.

for this nodoubt we have to use javascript since window event cannot be handled by jsp or servlet. So, what we need is to establish communication between client programming (java script) and server programming (jsp etc). Answer is provided bye AJAX technology, which allows client program to communicate with server programming objects.

I have no idea about AJAX, if you find something reply back.


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