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LDAP server

I need a small LDAP server to use on my local java proxy.
I doesn't find free LDAP server implementation (OpenLDAP is too big for me) and JNDI doesn't seem answer to my problem.

If I want write a small Java LDAP server, is there something to help me in this task ?

I just join your request and willing to be a beta tester. BTW Did you check sourceforge? I found some project but didn't look into yet:

I will not forget this proposition !
About sourceforge, ldap projects always need something else to work, like Apache librairies.

So, I try to find the quicker solution to develop my server.
I'm not a Java expert, so I'm looking for librairies, like JNDI, but server side.

That will be difficult...

Thanks for your answer.
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