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SHARED LIBRARY ioser12 not to be found
hi all
I am getting an exception while executing a session bean as follows
SHARED LIBRARY ioser12 not to be found

how to rectify the problem

pls help me
Hi Sree,

What container are you using? If you're using weblogic, this might happen if you have the j2ee.jar library in your classpath. You shoud use weblogic.jar.

I am using j2ee1.4 server and j2ee.jar is present in the correctlocation
now what to do?


Hi Sree,

I�ve never used sun�s server and I cannot tell you what to do. There is couple of things you can try:
  • Check for the ioser12 library on your harddrive. If you�ll find it, then you need to add it to your server�s classpath (check the startup scripts and figure out how your server initializes the classpat). If you don�t find it, then check the net and find out how you can download it.
  • Check the net for similar error messages. They might be other people out there that already solved this problem.

  • Sorry, but I cannot help you more than that.
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