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Migrating to JBoss server

I have an J2EE application (JSF + EJB 2.1) successfully running on Sun Application Server.
But now i want to migrate it to JBoss. and i am newbie to JBoss
i tried various IDEs and tools but i was not able to create the jboss specific files, even i am not aware whether i need jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file or jawas.xml file.
Please help me....
Thanks in adv.......
I use xdoclet. xdoclet have tasks that generated jboss specific files. If you are not already using it then you will have to add attributes not which is not adviceable. Try JBoss-IDE. I have never used it, only heard of it.
It all depends on what specific configuration files that Sun's App Server uses and migrating that information. If you are using a Datasource you will need to create a XXX-ds.xml datasource file. In the Jboss_HOME/docs directory are samples of all datasource xml files for many databases, just copy one of them that matches your database and change a couple of tags to map to your database.

What happens when you drop your archive into the deploy directory, does it work or do things fail.

Thanks for the replays
but can anybody tell me which configuration files i need for deploying on JBoss. bcoz i have seen some websites which says to use jawas.xml and i had also gone through some books which says "no need to have jaws.xml but u need jbosscmp-jdbc.xml".
please help me out in sorting this problem...
It all depends on what you have in your application. For example you state the "jbosscmp-jdbc.xml", you would really use this if you have cmp Entity beans and you would love to have JBoss create the tables for you. Well, there are some other reasons.


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