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Seam version of the Hibernate sample
Some time ago, I was downloading the Hibernate CaveatEmptor
and noticed the following statement about the Seam version of this sample:

"CaveatEmptor Seam
This version of CaveatEmptor, with a user interface implemented in JSF and integrated with the JBoss Seam framework, is currently in development with no set release date."

Not that I am placing any fault on the authors of the Seam book , yet I consider it useful to know if there are issues between Seam and Hibernate that prevent the sample from being completed.
Seam and Hibernate are both invented by the same person (Gavin King) and they are developed by the same team. So, Seam absolutely works best with Hibernate. All the examples in my book are Seam+ Hibernate (see signature).

I do not know why the Hibernate example is delayed. But there are more than 20 sample applications in Seam distribution if you are interested in those.
This sounds reassuring.

We should throw him a surprise party. It will cheer him up. We can use this tiny ad:

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