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hi What is Java Naming and Directory Interface?
Hi.,Could you please tell me What is Java Naming and Directory Interface?I have a little understanding of this.It is the service used by the programmers to identify the objects and specified files in a file or directory structure (Ex NTFS or FAT in Windows XP etc.,).correct me if I am wrong.And also tell me How can this service identify the particuler object or file?
Thanks in advance
Hi , what is you are telling is correct. JNDI is used to locate any object in the directory service. By using lookup method which is availble in DataSource object.
As its name implies, JNDI provides naming and directory services. The latter often maps to an LDAP directory, not file directories. You can find a few introductory articles linked in the J2EE FAQ.
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Thank you very much.And also please provide me What are those naming and directory services? What is LDAP?
That's all explained in the articles linked in the FAQ, particularly the ones titled "Naming Services", "Directory Services", "LDAP Introduction" and "LDAP Java Tutorial Chapter".

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