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Interview Type of Questions.. Answer It  RSS feed

Rajasekaran Venkadasalam
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Answer this Questions..Useful for All..

1)What is meant by Java ?
2)What is meant by a class ?
3)What is meant by a method ?
4)What are the OOPS concepts in Java ?
5)What is meant by encapsulation ? Explain with an example
6)What is meant by inheritance ? Explain with an example
7)What is meant by polymorphism ? Explain with an example
8)Is multiple inheritance allowed in Java ? Why ?
9)What is meant by Java interpreter ?
10)What is meant by JVM ?
11)What is a compilation unit ?
12)What is meant by identifiers ?
13)What are the different types of modifiers ?
14)What are the access modifiers in Java ?
15)What are the primitive data types in Java ?
16)What is meant by a wrapper class ?
17)What is meant by static variable and static method ?
18)What is meant by Garbage collection ?
19)What is meant by abstract class
20)What is meant by final class, methods and variables ?
21)What is meant by interface ?
22)What is meant by a resource leak ?
23)What is the difference between interface and abstract class ?
24)What is the difference between public private, protected and static
25)What is meant by method overloading ?
26)What is meant by method overriding ?
27)What is singleton class ?
28)What is the difference between an array and a vector ?
29)What is meant by constructor ?
30)What is meant by casting ?
31)What is the difference between final, finally and finalize ?
32)What is meant by packages ?
33)What are all the packages ?
34)Name 2 calsses you have used ?
35)Name 2 classes that can store arbitrary number of objects ?
36)What is the difference between java.applet.* and java.applet.Applet ?
37)What is a default package ?
38)What is meant by a super class and how can you call a super class ?
39)What is anonymous class ?
40)Name interfaces without a method ?
41)What is the use of an interface ?
42)What is a serializable interface ?
43)How to prevent field from serialization ?
44)What is meant by exception ?
45)How can you avoid the runtime exception ?
46)What is the difference between throw and throws ?
47)What is the use of finally ?
48)Can multiple catch statements be used in exceptions ?
49)Is it possible to write a try within a try statement ?
50)What is the method to find if the object exited or not ?
51)What is meant by a Thread ?
52)What is meant by multi-threading ?
53)What is the 2 way of creating a thread ? Which is the best way and why ?
54)What is the method to find if a thread is active or not ?
55)What are the thread-to-thread communcation ?
56)What is the difference between sleep and suspend ?
57)Can thread become a member of another thread ?
58)What is meant by deadlock ?
59)How can you avoid a deadlock ?
60)What are the three typs of priority ?
61)What is the use of synchronizations ?
62)Garbage collector thread belongs to which priority ?
63)What is meant by time-slicing ?
64)What is the use of �this� ?
65)How can you find the length and capacity of a string buffer ?
66)How to compare two strings ?
67)What are the interfaces defined by Java.lang ?
68)What is the purpose of run-time class and system class
69)What is meant by Stream and Types ?
70)What is the method used to clear the buffer ?
71)What is meant by Stream Tokenizer ?
72)What is serialization and de-serialisation ?
73)What is meant by Applet ?
74)How to find the host from which the Applet has originated ?
75)What is the life cycle of an Applet ?
76)How do you load an HTML page from an Applet ?
77)What is meant by Applet Stub Interface ?
78)What is meant by getCodeBase and getDocumentBase method ?
79)How can you call an applet from a HTML file
80)What is meant by Applet Flickering ?
81)What is the use of parameter tag ?
82)What is audio clip Interface and what are all the methods in it ?
83)What is the difference between getAppletInfo and getParameterInfo ?
84)How to communicate between applet and an applet ?
85)What is meant by event handling ?
86)What are all the listeners in java and explain ?
87)What is meant by an adapter class ?
88)What are the types of mouse event listeners ?
89)What are the types of methods in mouse listeners ?
90)What is the difference between panel and frame ?
91)What is the default layout of the panel and frame ?
92)What is meant by controls and types ?
93)What is the difference between a scroll bar and a scroll panel.
94)What is the difference between list and choice ?
95)How to place a component on Windows ?
96)What are the different types of Layouts ?
97)What is meant by CardLayout ?
98)What is the difference between GridLayout and GridBagLayout
99)What is the difference between menuitem and checkboxmenu item.
100)What is meant by vector class, dictionary class , hash table class,and property class ?
101)Which class has no duplicate elements ?
102)What is resource bundle ?
103)What is an enumeration class ?
104)What is meant by Swing ?
105)What is the difference between AWT and Swing ?
106)What is the difference between an applet and a Japplet
107)What are all the components used in Swing ?
108)What is meant by tab pans ?
109)What is the use of JTree ?
110)How can you add and remove nodes in Jtree.
111)What is the method to expand and collapse nodes in a Jtree ?
112)What is the use of JTable ?
113)What is meant by JFC ?
114)What is the class in Swing to change the appearance of the Frame in Runtime.
115)How to reduce flicking in animation ?
116)What is JDBC ?
117)How do you connect to the database ? What are the steps ?
118)What are the drivers available in JDBC ? Explain
119)How can you load the driver ?
120)What are the different types of statement s ?
121)How can you created JDBC statements ?
122)How will you perform transactions using JDBC ?
123)What are the two drivers for web apllication?
124)What are the different types of 2 tier and 3 tier architecture ?
125)How can you retrieve warning in JDBC ?
126)What is the exception thrown by JDBC ?
127)What is meants by PreparedStatement ?
128)What is difference between PreparedStatement and Statement ?
129)How can you call the stored procedures ?
130)What is meant by a ResultSet ?
131)What is the difference between ExecuteUpdate and ExecuteQuery ?
132)How do you know which driver is connected to a database ?
133)What is DSN and System DSN and differentiate these two ?
134)What is meant by TCP, IP, UDP ?
135)What is the difference between TCP and UDP ?
136)What is a proxy server ?
137)What is meant by URL
138)What is a socket and server sockets ?
139)When MalformedURLException and UnknownHost Exception throws ?
140)What is InetAddress ?
141)What is datagram and datagram packets and datagram sockets ?
142)Write the range of multicast socket IP address ?
143)What is meant by a servlet ?
144)What are the types of servlets ? Explain
145)What is the different between a Servlet and a CGI.
146)What is the difference between 2 types of Servlets ?
147)What is the type of method for sending request from HTTP server ?
148)What are the exceptions thrown by Servlets ? Why ?
149)What is the life cycle of a servlet ?
150)What is meant by cookies ?
151)What is HTTP Session ?
152)What is the difference between GET and POST methods ?
153)How can you run a Servlet Program ?
154)How to commuincate between an applet and a servlet ?
155)What is a Servlet-to-Servlet communcation ?
156)What is Session Tracking ?
157)What are the security issues in Servlets ?
158)What is HTTP Tunneling
159)How do you load an image in a Servlet ?
160)What is Servlet Chaining ?
161)What is URL Rewriting ?
162)What is context switching ?
163)What is meant by RMI ?
164)Explain RMI Architecture ?
165)What is meant by a stub ?
166)What is meant by a skelotn ?
167)What is meant by serialisation and deserialisation ?
168)What is meant by RRL ?
169)What is the use of TL ?
170)What is RMI Registry ?
171)What is rmic ?
172)How will you pass parameter in RMI ?
173)What exceptions are thrown by RMI ?
174)What are the steps involved in RMI ?
175)What is meant by bind(), rebind(), unbind() and lookup() methods
176)What are the advanatages of RMI ?
177)What is JNI ?
178)What is Remote Interface ?
179)What class is used to create Server side object ?
180)What class is used to bind the server object with RMI Registry ?
181)What is the use of getWriter method ?
182)What is meant by Javabeans ?
183)What is JAR file ?
184)What is meant by manifest files ?
185)What is Introspection ?
186)What are the steps involved to create a bean ?
187)Say any two properties in Beans ?
188)What is persistence ?
189)What is the use of beaninfo ?
190)What are the interfaces you used in Beans ?
191)What are the classes you used in Beans ?
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