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Threads accessing a program

I have a question which needs some expert advise . I have a class which looks like this

class A

public int i = 0;

public int read()
return i;

public void write()

This program needs to be modified in a such a way that

1. Two threads should be able to read the value of i
2. Two threads should not be able to write at a time
3. Read should not be allowed when write is happening because of some thread

Can any one let me know the best way of doing this ??
This is hardly an advanced topic. In fact, it seems more like a homework questions. Anyway, the Sun tutorial on synchronization should be a good point for you to start.

Hi there,

I am no expert by if you are using JDK 1.5 there is an easy way of doing that.

Take a look at the ReentranteadWriteLock class and the ReadWriteLock interface.

Using the methods there you can easily implement your criteria.
Moving to "Threads and Synchronization."

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