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Does any one know a good way to parse in a UTF-8 xml file, store it in ASCII in DB, and export it back to UTF-8 format?

Just to ask the obvious, is there no way to run the DB in Unicode mode, instead of ASCII?

One possibility would be to base-64 encode the string with a library like Jakarta Commons Codec.
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I am not clear but just thinking about following ...

The Reader and writer streams will convert back and forth of UTF format. First write your file into a ByteArrayOutputStream then store it in DB and after reading the data from DB again construct it with Reader.

UTF -----> Writer(Stream); -----> DB

DB ---> Reader(Stream) ---> UTF format

Please correct me If anything wrong.

Thank you.
If you use a standard XML parser and JDBC, isn't encoding taken care of automatically?
I usually base-64 encode it, store in the DB and then decode with:

Thank you all for the helpful info!
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