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How to get this specific list from an LDAP Server?  RSS feed

Andrew Carney
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We are connected to an LDAP Server with this structure:
Under OU=OUs as the root tree we have all our units, each unit is represented by a folder.
Inside each unit are the departments, each unit can have 1 or more departments. Again, each department is represented by a folder.
Inside each department are the actual users.
Let's assume that the unit and department names are represented at the description property.
I would like to get a list of of all the units names, meaning I would like to get a list of the properties of the folders sitting only at the first level below OUs.
I am familiar with the javax.naming package API and code yet I was unable to achieve this.
If I use SearchControls.SUBTREE_SCOPE it goes over the entire directory, including nested folders and users and get me the description of each one of them: This is not good since we have 5000 users and I need to get the unique units by code (For example using a SET collection) and the performance hit is very large since all I need are the folders at the first level only, which sums up to no more than 50 names.
If I use SearchControls.ONELEVEL_SCOPE or SearchControls.OBJECT_SCOPE I receive an empty list back.
Perhaps I am using ONELEVEL_SCOPE and OBJECT_SCOPE wrong or perhaps there is a different method to achieve what I need.
Can someone please show me a code example to get the exact folders I need (lists of the units)?

Thank you in advance,
Christopher McCauley
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I saw this post and wondered if you had any luck? I also have a problem accessing properties but further on down the tree. It seems I can not retrieve and Numerics (MS - Integer8, I think)... specifically the pwdLastSet value...have you ever had success accessing a similar value?

Here is our code, not sure if it helps your case

InitialDirContext ctx = new InitialDirContext(props);
SearchControls constraints = new SearchControls();
String[] attrIDs = {"cn", "distinguishedName", "description"};
String filt = "cn="+userid;
NamingEnumeration results ="ou=Foo,DC=foo,DC=foo,DC=foo,DC=foo", filt, constraints);

if (results != null && results.hasMore()){
status = 1;
SearchResult si = (SearchResult);
Attributes attrs = si.getAttributes();
if (attrs != null) {
for (NamingEnumeration ae = attrs.getAll(); ae.hasMoreElements() {
Attribute attr = (Attribute);
String attrId = attr.getID();
if (attrId.equals("distinguishedName")){
for (Enumeration vals = attr.getAll(); vals.hasMoreElements() {
str = str + vals.nextElement();

etc., etc.
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