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Tiny type
Why is the font in the message textbox so tiny? Are you trying to save pixels to reduce global warming? Come to think of it, why is this text box so narrow? My browser is currently occupying the full width of the monitor but this textbox is only a quarter of the width of the browser window.

Are there any preferences where this can be altered to one's liking?
There's no CSS applied to the text box where you enter messages, so the font should be the same one as in many other web sites' forms, and would be controlled in your browser preferences.

As for the width, I have no idea; in Firefox it's a perfectly lovely width. What browser are you using, on what platform?
Firefox, Windows XP Pro SP2

I just went to the Firefox options and set the default sans-serif to Letter Gothic 14 pt, which sort of solved the problem.

Except that Firefox's conception of 14pt looks about 9 pt in BlueJ, OpenOffice.org, Internet Explorer, etc. On those other apps 9pt looks about right and 14pt LOOKS MONSTROUS.

Oddly enough, the width of the text box is tied to the font size. Bigger font, wider box. It would appear to make more sense to make it a proportion of the browser windows's current width whatever the size of the font, unless there is some compelling reason I haven't thougut of.
Sounds like you need to talk to the Firefox people. I am using Firefox on WinXP SP2. No problem. Although I notice that by default the fonts are set to Times New Roman 16 and Courier New 13.
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