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avaya supervisor and java
hi all,
i am going to work on a project which is struts based
What i am required is to pull up the data from Avaya CMS and post the result in my website , i ll be using MySql server as my database
I am really lost , dont know where to start from i have got my database ready and my site is pulling up data from the database but it database is updated manually using excel files... i want to automate this process , what do i need to do/learn ?
Avaya CMS uses an OpenLink database, so you'd need to find a Java driver for that database.

We use CMS at my job too, and we have installed the OpenLink ODBC drivers on the database (SQL Server 2005) servers, then use an ODBC link to copy data from the CMS database through SSIS packages. The main thing these SSIS packages do is just copy all data from the previous day to the SQL database, after which we use that copied data to update other tables.

So you could do the same - install the ODBC drivers, then use that with the default ODBC JDBC link (driver class "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver", connection string "jdbcdbc:" followed by the ODBC name) to do anything else you need.
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Thanks for the help Rob, i ll try to implement and see what happens..
thanks again!
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