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Hello everyone. I just have some doubts.
1. Whats the difference between MsAccess and Oracle?
I know oracle is a big database but what are the other important differences?
2. Whats the difference between array and pointers?
Chetan Durg
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I am trying to give the answer for ur 3rd question
Difference between arrays and pointers
Basically arrays are used to store the elements of same data types(like integers,float,String,characters etc)
U cannot store different types in array(i.e int,float,double cannot be stored in one array)
this can be done with the help of structure(in c) or classes( in java or c++)
Regarding pointers are the variable which holds the address of some variable.
with the help of pointers u can find the address of the variable where excatly it is located by compiler.
int a=10;
when u declare this statement the compiler will allocate 4 bytes of memory to variable a and stores value 10.
but if I want to find the location where excatly it is located then we have to use pointers.
declare one pointer variable of int type
int *p;
and assign the address of varible a in p with help of & operator
when u print p it will give some address i.e where a is located.
Ranch Hand
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Differences that I know of between Access and Oracle:
Access doesn't support ANSI SQL. It supports its own funny little version. For example, you can't use the DISTINCT keyword in queries as you would in ORACLE. And the wildcard for regular expressions in Access is '*' not '%' like it is in every other major database.
Access will choke if your application gets too large.
Access becomes corrupted frequently, requiring you to repair and compact it.
There are flaws in Access security which sometimes result in people that have logged out of the database being retained in the .ldb file as "phantom users" and the database won't let anyone have exclusive access without dropping these phantoms. I have had to bounce a server before to be able to delete an .ldb with this kind of corruption.
Oracle is an ODBC database. Access is ODBC compliant, but depending on the version, uses ADO or DAO to access data from forms and reports.
Access has no stored procedures, triggers, or views. Oracle does.
Access uses the Jet database engine to connect to the database. Oracle uses the Oracle client. This means that each client workstation must have Access installed to connect to an Access database. For Oracle, they only need the Oracle client.
Access is cheap. Oracle is not.
Before I would move from Acces to Oracle, I would consider SQL Server, and then Sybase. If neither of these two products would meet my need, then I would move on to Oracle.
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