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Ray Grimmond
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Sales and Marketing.
Threshold Computer Systems.Inc.
4180 Treat Blvd, Suite R
Concord, CA 94518

phone: (925) 798-0284
email: sales@qwan.com
web: http://www.qwan.com

Threshold Computer Systems,Inc debuts XMLEditorKit for Java

Concord, CA, June 2,2003 - Threshold Computer Systems,Inc,
today announced the availability of XMLEditorKit for Java and
sample XML Editor for Java.
The XMLEditorKit is a 'Swing' XML Text component extension to
the Sun Microsystems J2SE JFC/Swing 'javax.swing.text' package,
it uses the Apache Xerces2 Java Parser 2.4.0 , as its default
XML Parsing and processing engine.
The XMLEditorKit is the first in a family of "XMLEditorKits",
being developed by Threshold. It allows the Java Development
Community to embed a JFC/Swing XML Text Component that will
load, save, edit, render, process, and validate an XML
Document in a JFC/Swing Application or Applet.

According to Ray Grimmond, President of Threshold Computer Systems,Inc.
"Users of future XML tools will demand a high-degree of
visualization, manipulation, and custom rendering of
document nodes and fragments. It's way more than just XForms
or building GUI's with XUL."
So where does the XMLEditorKit help ??
"The XMLEditorKit adheres to the spirit and conforms to the
architecture of the javax.swing.text. package, it allows a
high-degree of customization and modification by Java

Asked whether there are more benefits, he continues

"It saves your development staff from learning
some proprietary plug-in or inflexible architecture, and
minimizes the learning curve for those developers already
familiar with the Swing Text package and with the JTextPane,
StyledEditorKit, HTMLEditorKit and RTFEditorKit classes.
It will save organizations months of development time building
their own custom JFC/Swing XML applications."

He concluded by adding that

"If a company lacks the 'in-house' knowledge to customize
our product, Threshold provides a professional service
offering, where they will build custom editors, and custom
views for clients to edit, render, or process their own
particular dialect of XML."
Technical Information

The XMLEditorKit component consists of 3 major java classes
XMLTextPane, XMLEditorKit, and XMLDocument that can be used
to build XML-based Swing applications. XMLTextPane extends
JTextPane, XMLEditorKit extends StyledEditorKit,and
XMLDocument extends DefaultStyledDocument.
The XMLEditorKit is built upon javax.swing.text.StyledEditorKit
and inherits all the Caret,Cut/Copy/Paste,Font,Selection, and
Text Actions, Document, and View classes from the base classes.

New 'Actions' for XML Navigation, Selection, Parser Configuration,
Cut/Copy/Insert/Append nodes and fragments, Multiple Views,
Read/Write XML, have been implemented by the XMLEditorKit.
Included is an XMLUndoManager that provides Undo/Redo support for
all insert and remove operations on the underlying XMLDocument
and W3C Document.
The XMLEditorKit provides an XMLDocument 'wrapper' to the
underlying W3C Document. This design allows multiple
XMLTextPane's to access the same W3C Document, and allows any
modifications to the W3C Document be automatically reflected in
the XMLDocument structure for each active XMLTextPane,
and by any of the XMLTextPanes' active Views.

The sample XMLEditor for Java is a prototype Multi-platform editor
built using the XMLEditorKit component and its supporting classes.
It consists of linked DOM tree View, editable XML source view, and
a User console for logging errors and messages.
Features include the following:-
Multiple structured text views with inline tags and attributes.
Context sensitive access and editing to all Elements, Attributes,
Text, CDATA Sections, Processing Instructions, Entity References,
and Comments.

Menu Items for inserting, appending, removing nodes and character
references, XML tree cut, copy, paste, compiler flags, navigation,
parsing, and validation.

Pricing and Availablity

Product Information is available at

Free 30-Day timeout and Java WebStart demos are available at

Pricing and packaging options are available at


About Threshold Computer Systems,Inc.
Threshold Computer Systems,Inc. was founded in 1989, and has provided
custom programming solutions in C/C++ and Java to Fortune 1000 ,
small-and-medium sized businesses, and Independent Software Vendors
for over 14 years.
phone: (925) 798-0284
email: sales@qwan.com
web: http://www.qwan.com

Java is a Trademark of SUN Microsystems,Inc.

This product includes software developed by the
Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/)."

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