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aligning components
i created a class that extends JPanel, and added a JComboBox to it. i (hopefully) made them the same size like so:

i then have another JPanel with a 2X2 GridLayout with JLabels in the top row and StandardColorSelector's in the second row. the Jlables are left aligned , but the StandardColorSelector's are centered. i tried to left align them like so:
private StandardColorSelector backcolor = new StandardColorSelector();
private StandardColorSelector forecolor = new StandardColorSelector();
but it doesnt work
i also tried this:

and this:

[ February 16, 2004: Message edited by: Randall Twede ]
The problem is that the panels that hold the comboboxes are by default using FlowLayout, and FlowLayout by default is centered. You can change this by adding the line -

to StandardColorSelector's constructor.
thanks, thats what i needed. i set it outside the class, but it worked.
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