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JFrame, JTextArea, JOptionPain, JApplet? Clarification?
1. What are the differences between JFrame, JTextArea, JOptionPain, JApplet?

2.I am working with a JFrame and need to print a line on the viewable area, do I just need to add a container? If so what is the syntax? any info will help.
Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing in the java tutorial is a good resource for learning more about these components and how to use them. This example app shows the first three and demonstrates how to draw a line in a JFrame.
Moving this to the Swing / JFC / AWT forum...
Hi Travis,

To answer your first question, a JFrame is effectively an application window (i.e. title bar, minimise/maximise/close buttons etc).

A JTextArea is a field in which text can be entered and displayed in.

A JOptionPane is a window that is displayed that can contain an option that you wish to present to the user (e.g. are you sure you want to exit without saving? [yes or no]).

Finally, A JApplet is a web based java application that usually runs within a web browser window on a web page.

Hope that helps

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