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Panel display
Hi All,

Sorry to post again, but this problem is driving me nuts. I can't figure it out. I have 2 classes (code below); one extends JPanel & creates a panel which arranges gif's into an LED 'figure of 8' configuration. This class has a method updateLED( int ) which allows the user to specify which bars of the LED are on/off etc so they can output characters in LED format. The second class is supposed to create a panel of 8 LED's so that words can be formed on the LED display. But, the LEDPanel code only outputs one of the 8 LED's. Incidentally, it is the last LED that gets displayed. And it displays on the far right of the LEDPanel window suggesting that room is made for the previous 7, but they got lost along the way somewhere. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? Or is there an easier way to change gifs in a panel based on user input?

Thanks again guys,

Closing this since Dirk moved a duplicate with some responses here.
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