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JSpinner with dates
I'm using a JSPinner that I'm defaulting to today with a max of today like this:

spnrMdl = new SpinnerDateModel(new Date(), null, new Date(),
spnr = new JSpinner(spnrMdl);

When I run this it shows the date in MM/DD/YY HH:mm PM format. When I click on the down spinner button, it highlights and decrements the month not the day. If I keep going to last year it does decrement the year too, so it knows what it's doing. I suspect this is related to the fact that I'm in Canada where we display our dates in DD/MM/YY format (which is how windows shows me it's dates).

1) How do I fix this?
2) How can I control the display format of the date in the JSpinner? I want this app to handle both US and Canadians!



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