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How to use a JProgress Bar
I am currently working on a small gui program for school. The assignment is to read in approximately 1000 items from 10 different files, create an instance of my name object, store all items in an array, and the sort the array. This is not part of the assignment, so I'm not asking you to do my work for me, but I would like to use a JProgress Bar to show the status of the startup process. All of the steps listed above happen before the gui is loaded.

I have read "How to Use a Progress Bar" on the java site, but it really doesn't help me. Could someone please help me to figure out how to use the progress bar. I would like to have a bar track the progress of reading all of the info from the files, and then start the progress bar over to track the progress of the sort. Here is the code where I read in the files and sort the array:

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It would also help if you'd use code tags.

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