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Find a way to hook the tab key in table editors with multiple columns
I have a form which has text box, table, buttons as control. The table has 3 columns. The problem here is
1. when the table is active and the cursor is in 1st row and 1st column, if i press tab it must go to next column. Instead of going to the next column, its going to next control.
2. I want SWT table to be work as similar to MSword table.

Kindly give me some suggestions as soon as possible.


The Jtable has a method called changeSelection that will get called if a tab is pressed on any cell. Over ride this appropriately.
Another way of doing it is registering the tab key to an action for the table.

Maybe this snippet may help.

Action focusNextRow = new AbstractAction()
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
int nextRow = servicesTable.getSelectedRow()+ 1;
if (servicesTable.getSelectedRow() != (servicesTable.getRowCount() - 1))
servicesTable.editCellAt(nextRow, 2);
// Defect : 5859
// Exception Ctrl/Enter used on Ser. to be Est Tab
// User can using ctrl/Enter on the on on-editable cells in
// the table.
// servicesTable.getEditorComponent().requestFocus();
TableCellEditor tableCellEditor = servicesTable.getCellEditor(nextRow,2);
Component component = tableCellEditor.
getTableCellEditorComponent(servicesTable, servicesTable.getValueAt(nextRow,2),
true, nextRow, 2);

servicesTable.getInputMap(1).put( KeyStroke.getKeyStroke
(KeyEvent.VK_ENTER, InputEvent.CTRL_MASK), "focusNextRow");
servicesTable.getActionMap().put("focusNextRow", focusNextRow);

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