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Servlet/JSP engine
Hi all,
I am startin got learn JSP and servlets and have downloaded the jswdk engine. DO u know of nay better engines? I know of JRun...any other, which can act as a web server also.
Thanx in advance
There are lots. The official reference server implementation is "Tomcat", available at http://jakarta.apache.com/ . Many people seem to find Resin, available at http://www.caucho.com/ , easier to install and get working. JRun, you are already familiar with, but there is also Sun's JavaWebServer, and another plug-in servlet container from ServletExec.
THanx for the info. I tried the links and well....they need some modification. I found tomcat at http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/ . The caucho server gave me a java.lang.NullPointerException!!! maybe their server nulled out !!
Any other WEB servers that have servlet/JSP engines inbuilt? oh yeah, and they need to be free for download (atleast for development)
Thanx again.
[This message has been edited by Mohammed Dohadwala (edited November 29, 2000).]
[This message has been edited by Mohammed Dohadwala (edited November 29, 2000).]
I was doing some research on Netscape's web servers and I found out that they have stopped selling/distributing their stuff. Now what used to be Netscape's web server can be found at iPlanet.com and it is called iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition 4.1. According to their documentation,

iPlanet Web Server 4.1 supports Java Servlets API 2.2.1 (except for Web Application and WAR file support) and JavaServer Pages (JSP) API Level 1.1.

It appears that this web server has a built-in JPS engine. Is this right? If so, I will be downloading this bad boy today!
Mohammed Dohadwala wrote: The caucho server gave me a java.lang.NullPointerException!!!
Hmm. There was some discussion about this on the Resin mailing list. They use the most recent development snapshot on their live site, rather than the most recent stable version, which seems crazy to me. I've emailed them to let them know about it.
It's a good web server, really ....
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