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Pls help..URGENT!!! Reply asap
when i tried to import javax.servlet.*;
it is giving compile time error, that the package not found in import.
I downloaded the servlet class files from sun's website and extracted all the files.
I'm unable to rectify this error.
Puhuleese help me, as soon as possible.
Hi Sandeep!
Did u set ur class path correctly?check it out.
Good Luck!
hi preethi,

to which file i have set the classpath.
This error is occuring only when i import javax.servlet.*;
Would u pls explain me, to which file i sould set the classpath?
Pls Reply asap,
Surely ur classpath is not set properly. Include the corresponding .jar (example: servlet.jar) file in ur classpath. Thats it!!
Yes Sandeep u include the servlet.jar file in the classpath.It will work fine.
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hi everybody,
thanx for u'r response,
Now it is working fine
(A small jhatka: i didn't set the classpath as u said, but yet it is working fine.How is it?)
Thanx again, for u'r immediate response,

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