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Is it possible in JSP?
I have created a session object in JSP thru this snippet
<% HttpSession ses = request.getSession(true);
Vector v = new Vector();
and i also have included the java.util package like this
<%@ page language = "java" import="java.util.*" %>
everything runs fine except the code line
it gives internal server error on this line and if i comment it it runs fine i tried using ses.setAttribute("MyVector",v1) also
but still internal server error come and page is not displayed
I jus want to know is it possible to put value in session variable in the way i am trying to do
any comments or suggestions will be appreciated
thnkx in advance
According to your code, the Vector's reference is "v", not "v1".
sorry it was a typo error
but wht i want to know is till unanswered?
your profile says that you are sheriff
can you clarify my doubt

Originally posted by Tony Alicea:
According to your code, the Vector's reference is "v", [b]not "v1". [/B]

Hi Gaurav,
I am making a wild guess here.
Your server does not support the latest Servlet Apis.
If ur usinfg jws, then pls ensure that u plug in the servlet.jar in the classpath of the jws,
Also if u can let us know what is being printed on the server console it would be a great help,
I also suggest put the above code in try catch block and print the exception if ur not doing it now.

Tushar Kansara

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