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Need help in servlets
Hi all,
I'm now working on a finanical project. I have a print button which upon clicked will generate statement of accounts for all the customers. The question now is I need to have a separate page generated to each of the customers. So how do I do that?
Insert a pagebreak in html? Is that possible? If so, how do you do that? And how do I send this print job to the printer upon clicking on that print button?
I really don't understand the complete question from the data you gave but...
One of the features of JSPs is the DYNAMIC GENERATION OF CONTENT. That means that you would have only one JSP for 'a' customer. Then you could set up an info bean with the data for a particular customer and forward the request to that JSP.
The JSP may have code like

Customer Name: <%= infoBean.getCustomerName() %> <BR>
Customer Number: <%= infoBean.getCustomerNumber() %> <BR>
Address: <%= infoBean.getCustomerAddress1() %> <BR>

As I said, I am not sure of what you need. If you break it into tasks, it may be easier to separate questions...
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