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dear ones
i am doing project in online project contains store for books,cars,watches problem is how to develop a shopping cart which shows deatils about items selected when user clicks addto bag
here is my sample html page which is a bookstore
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<body bgcolor="#FFFFCC" text="#000000">
<font size="+1">1. Java Servlets</font>
<pre align="left"><font size="+1"> <b>Author :Karl Moss
Price :275.00
Publisher :
ID :12457 <font size="-1"> <a href="/servlet/showbag?bookid=12457&bname=java servlets&price=275.00" target="_blank" >Add to Bag</a></font></b></font></pre>
<p align="left"><font size="+1">2.Java Server Pages</font></p>
<div align="left">
<pre><font size="+1"><b>Author :
Price :
Publisher :
ID : 12359 <a href="/servlet/showbag?bookid=12359&bname=Java Server Pages&price=456.00" target="_blank"><font size="-1">Add to Bag</font></a></b></font></pre>
<h3><font size="+1">3.Programming in C</font></h3>
<pre><font size="+1"><b>Author :Balaguruswamy
P</b></font><b><font size="+1">rice :150.00
Publisher :</font>
<font size="+1">ID :12358 <font size="-1"> <a href="/servlet/bk1?bookid=12358" target="_blank">Add to Bag</a></font></font></b></pre>
<p><b><font size="+1">4.Visual C++</font></b></p>
<pre><b><font size="+1">Author :
</font></b><b><font size="+1">Price :
</font></b><b><font size="+1">Publisher :</font></b>
<b><font size="+1">ID :12369 <a href="/servlet/bk1?bookid=12369" target="_blank"><font size="-1">Add to bag</font></a></font></b></pre>
<h2>5.Computer Networks</h2>
<pre><font size="3"><b><font size="+1">Author :Tannenbaum
Price :200
ID : 12457 </font><font size="3"><b><font size="+1"> <font size="-1"><a href="/servlet/bk1?bookid=12459" target="_blank">Add to bag</a></font></font></b></font></b></font></pre>
<pre><font size="3"><b><font size="+1"> </font><font size="3"><b><font size="3"><b><font size="+1"><a href="page3.htm" target="_blank"><img src="home.jpg" width="160" height="34" border="0"></a></font></b></font></b></font></b></font></pre>
ihave written one servlet for shopping cart but shows error500
the servler is
package onlineshop;
// import online.BooksDetails;
import java.util.*;
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;
public class ShowCartServlet extends HttpServlet
public BooksDetails cart;
public void doGet (HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
throws ServletException, IOException

PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
HttpSession session=request.getSession(true);

if (cart == null)
cart = new BooksDetails();
session.putValue(session.getId(), cart);

private void addCart(HttpServletRequest request)
int units=1;
String bookid=request.getParameter("bookid");
double price=Double.valueOf(request.getParameter("price")).doubleValue();
String bname =request.getParameter("bname");
private void showCart(PrintWriter out)
//out.println("<center><br><p><font color=red>Your user ID: "+cart.cid+"<br><br>");
// show empty info if there's nothing in shopping cart
if (cart.totalItems==0){
out.println("<h3><font color=yellow>Sorry, there's nothing in your shopping cart yet!</font></h3>");}
else {
out.println("<center><table border=4 background=\"/bg.gif\" width = 90% >");
out.println("<td><b><font color=red><center>Bookname</center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=red><center>Bookid</center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=red><center>Price</center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=red><center>Quantity</center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=red><center>SubAmount</center></font></b></td>");
for (int i = 0; i < cart.totalItems; i++){
out.println("<td><b><font color=blue><center>   "+cart.bname[i]+"   </center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=blue><center> "+cart.bookid[i]+" </center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=blue><center> "+cart.unitprice[i]+" </center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=blue><center> $"+cart.units[i]+" </center></font></b></td>");
out.println("<td><b><font color=blue><center> $"+cart.stotal[i]+" </center></font></b></td>");

// package online;
// import*;
// import java.util.*;
class BooksDetails
public String[] bname;
public String[] author;
public String[] bookid;
public int[] units;
public double[] unitprice;
public double[] stotal;
public double totalPrice =0;
public int cid=0;
public String password="";
public int maxItems = 100;
public int totalItems =0;

public void BooksDetails()
bname=new String[maxItems];
author=new String[maxItems];
units=new int[maxItems];
bookid=new String[maxItems];
stotal=new double[maxItems];
public BooksDetails additem(String bname,String bookid,int units,double unitprice)
return this;
public boolean found(String bookid)
for(int i=0;i<totalItems;i++)
if (this.bookid[i].equals(bookid))
return true;
return false;
public String[] showCart() {
String[] s = new String[totalItems];
for (int i = 0; i < totalItems; i++)
s[i] = "<td><center>   "+bname[i]+"   </center></td>";
s[i] += "<td><center> "+bookid[i]+" </center></td>";
s[i] += "<td><center> $"+unitprice[i]+" </center></td>";
s[i] += "<td><center><input type=\"text\" size=\"5\" name=\"items\"> "+units[i]+" </center></td>";
s[i] += "<td><center> $;"+stotal[i]+" </center></td>";
return s;
public double getPrice() {
double p = 0.0;
for (int i = 0; i < totalItems; i++){
p += units[i]*unitprice[i];
return p;
please help m with correction if possible or a new source code for the shopping cart
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