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-D option like when start a simple Java with init params
i need to know if it is possible to use for JSP the same -D option like in java
java -Dtest=yes test
to set init parameters for JSP VM.
If yes how i can do this?

IMO, it is NOT possible to use -D option for JSP's.

- satya
Do you want to setup some common init params for your web appln? If so we can configure ...WEB-INF/web.xml file like this. Include <context-param> xml tag under <web-app> xml tag. This means, all <param-name>'s are globally known in ALL servlets and ALL jsps in this particular web application.
To grab this init param values in servlets/ jsps just write this code.
String value = getServletContext().getInitParameter("webmaster");
maha anna
I would do as in java with -D attribut then when i use System.getProperty(test) get the value of this parameter that i set when i do the java ....
it is important to me know if this is possible and how if is?
Yes, although it is server-dependent. In the .bat file that starts the JVM, you simply add the -Dvar=value entry on that line.
If you are using Tomcat 3.x, you can set the TOMCAT_OPTS environment variable to "-Dvar=value" before running startup.bat. Tomcat 4.0 has a similar variable CATALINA_OPTS.
Phil Hanna
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it's work Thanks a lot.
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