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Need Help in loading Data base
I know my question is on database but still i am posting it here as it is related with servlets/jsp.
I have made a small site and used to test it on my computer using either oracle database. Now when i want to host it on net i am getting economical space on linux OS with MySQL database.
Server people have provided me with username, password and database name. Now the problem is that how or by using what should i create tables on server. How should i insert values in it.
Some have suggested using telnet....but i don't know how to use it. Some say that i will have to use scripting language. Again how shoud i do that?
Pls can any one help me with this.

Telnet isn't too scary.
If you have a M$ OS, just get online, click START, RUN, TELNET. You will get a little white window, you need to supply the name of the remote host and then connect. Then you will be prompted for a login and password. MySQL has a command line utility that allows SQL statments. Never used it before but I suggest you ask the people that admin the server or I think you might find some useful stuff at devshed.com. (they have a bunch of MySQL tutorials)
Another option would be write a servlet that does what ever you want to the DB. This might not be the best option for initializing the DB but it will work in a pinch. I suggest you just learn to use telnet.
Today i tried using telnet. I provided the ftp host name and port 8080 / 8000/ 80 but i was not able to get the connection. later i contacted the Server service provided then they said that we are anot given access to use telnet.
They adviced me to use scripting language or to make a servlet and execute it and it will create table.
But till date i have worked only on oracle/access databse and know drivers related to it only. From where can i get information on what type of drivers are required for MySql databse and what is the format of JDBC url.
Can any one be kind enough to help me out.
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