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Send a File
Hi all,
I have developed a servlet which will stream a particular file from the server to the client. The client clicks on a link, and the servlet starts streaming the file.
My problem is, even after the file is streamed completely, the mouse pointer is not changing from busy state to normal state. What could be the problem. Should i send some more information in the header before streaming the file??..
Please help me on this.
Try setting the Content-length header.
Phil Hanna
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform
Author of :
JSP: The Complete Reference
Instant Java Servlets
Website: http://www.philhanna.com
Hi hanna,
Thanks for ur response. I have already stated that, i tried sending the content length also. I am also flushing out the output stream. Still it gives the same problem. I don't know what should be passed at the end or at the begining. Is there any HTTP standard for sending this???.
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