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Another Problem.Changes in included/linked files are not updated?
I'm really confused about this problem.
I have a main (index.jsp) page. It contains links to other JSP pages. If i make a change in one of these linked pages and save the files, when i reload the index.jsp page, the changes in the linked files are not updated. The only way they get updated is if i make a dummy change in the index.jsp page and save it and then reload the index.jsp page. It's weird because sometimes this doesn't even resolve the problem.
Any answers, ideas would be appreciated.
in tomcat, there is a JSPC.BAT utility which calls the TOMCAT.BAT file.
It will recompile all JSP files for you.
You can also get the same effect by deleting the servlet "class" file that belongs to the JSP.....
it's in the work directory.
let suppose I have a nav.jsp and a index.jsp.
1. use: <%@ include file="nav.jsp" %>, if i only change the nav.jsp without changin the index, the changes will not show.
2. use <jsp:include page="nav.jsp" />instead, this way any changes will be reflected.

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