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help wanted on this on-line bidding problem about servlet
I want to create a on-line bidding program, for example I have the following screen dispaly:
IBM desktop model xxx1
IBM desktop model xxx2
IBM desktop model xxx3
IBM desktop model xxx4
Dell desktop model xxx5
All of these items on the screen are hyperlinks to one same servlet. The purpose of the servlet is to check which item the user clicked, and then display corresponding description about the item. My problem is how the servelt know which hyperlink the user clicked on the screen? How should I program it?

I think you have to write your hyperlinks with a query string as shown below.
<a href=http://localhost:8080/servlet/BiddingServlet?name=IBMDES1> IBM DESKTOP ONE </a><br>
<a href=http://localhost:8080/servlet/BiddingServlet?name=IBMDES2> IBM DESKTOP TWO </a>
I don't know whether it works or not .

Thanks a lot! I'll try your code to see whether it works.

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