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Here's a fun one...
{this may be a websphere question, but here it goes...}
I have a servlet that was running fine last week. Now, when I try to run it (running on a test server in WebSphere Application Developer Studio 4) I can compile the servlet, run a JSP form to pass the data to the servlet, and it creates an HTML file for display of the information it pulls from a database.
The fun part is that when I go back (using history.back() )to the jsp page and submit a new query, I get the following message:
[5/28/02 11:02:25:859 EDT] 22538893 SystemOut U The url cannot be null
If I recompile the servlet (or restart the server), it works once then does the same thing again...
Any thoughts?

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If the query string has some association with particular session ID, then using a bookmarked url may cause issues.
The servlet calls a loader class that calls a connection class that connects to the database. I'm not sure, but I think the connection is not invoked at each request, but only on the first request so that subsequent calls do not get the information from the properties file.
Does this sound correct?
The ConnFactory.class connects to the database.
this is the code:

This is the dbConnect.properties file:
Ok.. we figger'd it out... Our connection manager wasn't passing the connect string on the second pass. It thought it was already initialized.
Maby next time I'll know what I'm doing? :roll:
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