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Calling a jsp on another site from an app
I have a server on my local computer. It runs a java app which sometimes wants to upload data to my web hotel (to update the db). The way I was thinking about doing this is to have a jsp page which will take the data as parameters and then update the db using a java bean (the parameters will be encrypted).
I have two questions:
1. Does this sound like a good idea?
2. How do I communicate with the jsp page from my java app?
I would really appreciate an answer!
What about just using an HttpURLConnection object, to call the JSP page?
Thank you. I have got it to work now.
Do you guys think it was a good solution or are there any simpler ways around this?
better use a servlet instead of a JSP.
You don't need fancy output so why use a presentation technology to do the task?
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