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Coolest City
Whats the best City you guys have been in?
I would have to say Montreal for me.
Chicago....Lake shore on a sunny weekend!!
San Francisco/NYC/London/Orlando
Montego Bay
One vote for London, minus one vote for SF
(don't wanna start a flame war, but I hated it. We can all have an opinion :})
pondicherry , india
lahaina, maui (hawaii)

Originally posted by Eager Beaver:
Chicago....Lake shore on a sunny weekend!!

Aghhhhh.... Lake shore on an October afternoon. or a January afternoon. Chicago is probably my least favorite city.
Took me an hour and a half to travel 10 miles through Chicago yesterday on my way home to Detroit.
I would have to say Chicago is not my favorite City either.
Paris is Spring (smile).
Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa-Dua (Bali Island)
Benaulim - Goa, India !!

Everybody I know says thats its cool to be in NYC. I've heard a lot of things about the city. They say its one of the best place to be. I just moved in to NJ and I'm just like 5 min away from Manhattan. My problem is I don't know how to enjoy "The Big Apple". Yes, I've been clubbing,lounging etc., gone to Central Park, Empire States Building, Statue of Liberty.
Guys, tell me, what is in New York that lets people keep coming back, please share me something bout what really is in NY.
By the way, I'm not at all a loner or an introvert. And I ain't old either or unattractive either. So tell me what is my problem?

Try Greenwich Village or some of the fantastic museums. Check out the great restaraunts.
And if you want to see some interesting history of NYC:
if i could remember New Orleans then i would give it a vote... maybe i should wait a couple hours before i hit Bourbon Street next time, huh.
Rochester, Minnesota.
There are only three months on record for not having snowed: June, July, August. Temperatures of -20F (-29C) are pretty common in winter. The coldest ever has been -40F (-40C). The windchills however regularly reach -40F with even ordinary blizzards. And we get tons of snow, about 50 to 60 inches annually.
How's that for cool?
Actually it is a very nice town. Voted for several years by Money magazine as the 'Best Small Town to Live' in America. The people are nicer than in Chicago... summer doesn't get too hot, on really hot days, the temperature stays around 90F (32C). There are excellent recreational facilities in and around town, lakes, rivers, forests... very green and beautiful.
Shillong, Jalandhar and LONDON
How about League City, TX.....
Next to Johnson Space Center!
On beautifulClear Lake.
Adjacent to the Kemah Waterfront.
Just north of Galveston.
Just south of Houston.
Peaceful little town.
Brussels, Belgium
I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it. So much it was, that after visiting Brussels, Amsterdam and London were nothing to me.
By the way, about New York - you've to either live in the city or go to school in the city for an extended period of time.
It grows on you. I moved here from Houston, Texas just before college and going to college here helped me learn so much about different people from all over the world. No, not all the New Yorkers go clubbing or to museums - there's a strange sense of belonging you get just by being a part of the crowd - whether it's in Times Square, Columbus Park, the Village or the World Trade Center. Of course, suburbanites find this place dirty, unbearable, and like a human jungle. My message is 'Enjoy your stay but if you live here long enough to start liking it then you will not like to live anywhere else.'
Vashi,New Bombay,India
I feel i have to stick up for my current residence Chicago. Ive lived in Detroit as well and i woulndt go back there for any reason except to pass through it on my way to Toronto. Crime infested and dirty as hell nowadays.
Himalay, India
kodai , TN , INDIA.
Tucson, Arizona!!! GO WILDCATS!!!
San Antonio, TX. What a GORGEOUS city !
I'd agree with Arsin, though I'm also partial to the city about 90 minutes up the road.
Thats a great place. Wud luv to go again. U game ??

Originally posted by sakuntala devi:
kodai , TN , INDIA.

Vancouver, Vancouver and Vancouver , Trust me guys its perhaps the most beautifull city in the world.

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