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How to call a servlet from the browser ?
Hi all

I am following a very simple tutorial on servlets, it goes:

1 - code a class and compile it, it inherits from HttpServlet
(no pain here !!)

2 - Move the compiled class to /WEB-INF/classes
(kids class ah!!)

3 - restart tomcat
(I even re-started my PC several times, it�s tomcat 5.5)

4 - call: http://localhost:8080/myapp/MyServlet

I never get anything... always an error (The requested resource is not available).

The tutorial doesn�t say anything about the web.xml file. the index.jsp (with java code) works fine.

Is this the way to do things ? I have some experience with java but for the first time I am doing servlets, I wonder how so much trouble ???

Any help ???


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[ July 05, 2005: Message edited by: Jorge Pinho ]
Two things:

1) Make sure that your servlet is in a package other than the default.

2) You must add a servlet and a mapping declaration to your web.xml.
...and there was light, it worked nicely on first try.

Thankx Bear
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