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Servlet- applets communication in jbuilderX
I am currently working on a web application using Borland JBuilder10. I am using servlets and an applet.Now in one of my servlet front -end HTML pages theres a hyperlink to call this particular applet, the problem is that the applet doesn't load.
However, when i run the applet in JBuilder it displays in the appletviewer, but when i run my project using tomcat, it fails to load my applet when i click on my hyperlink. What can i do?
Can you describe your web app directory structure on the server like where you put your applet class file?

The project is called NOTAP. JBuilder has created a folder for this. Inside NOTAP, i have the following folders:bak, classes, src, notapwebmodule(Where all my HTML files are) and tomcat.
in the classes folder we have 2 folders notap and notap2.
notap has all my class files including the one for my applet, which i've called upload. notap 2 has my main project class loginservlet.class.
src has all my java files, and the applet html, upload.html is also in the classes folder although it's one step above the class folders, notap and notap2. [banghead]

All the applet classes have to be accessible to the browser.
If they're under WEB-INF, the client won't be able to download them.
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