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examination system : countdown timer ?
I am building a examination system. But I don't know how to implement a timer / clock.

When user is taking an exam, he should have a countdown timer. How to do this ? how to remember the time between jsp pages ? seperate thread to countdown time in server side ?

Thanks in advance .
How about this...

When the user starts the exam create a Date object representing when the exam ends, then save it in the session.

For every request (inc the first) create another Date object representing the current time and save it in the session

Create an applet clock that shows the time difference between the current and the exam end date objects - thats your time left on the exam.

Easy peasy...
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Well, if you have the exam sent at one go, that is if the user doesn't have to submit every question, but submits the answers all at once, you have to set the timer in a javascript as depicted here
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