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I am fresher and I got job in small company where we are three programmers(j2ee)
And on designer and all of us fresher .
The problem we got bag project and as no one of us have experience it so difficult so
What your advices .
Can we get free project or free projects and integrate
them to gather
here the requirements(exactly like hi5 site)

How does Hi5 Clone work?

Well if you have use Friendster and MySpace before, then you should know how our system works. Once members are registered with Hi5 Clone, they will be able invite people they know to join their personal or professional network. A member's friends will come to Hi5 Clone and invite their friends. As the network grows, members will have more opportunities to interact easily with people they know, make friends, and use the Hi5 Clone network to enrich their social life.

What is a Hi5 Clone Network?

Hi5 Clone network consists of 1� friends (people a member knows), 2� friends (friends of the member's friends), and 3� friends (people who know friends of the member's friends). A member's personal network on Hi5 Clone will connect with people as far as 4� away. The larger the personal network becomes, the more useful and fun it will be and members will have access to more listings, messages, Groups and events.

What can members do on Hi5 Clone?

Hi5 Clone makes it easier for your members to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not meet before.

Find a friend - Expand members' social network by using Hi5 Clone to find and meet new friends.

Dating - With Hi5 Clone, members can find their life partner or just someone to hang out with by becoming part of the Hi5 Clone community.

Locate/List a Job - Browse through the listing directory and post job listings created by people in Hi5 Clone network.

Get a roommate - Why live with a complete stranger when members could live with the friend of a friend?

Buy and sell stuff - Why buy stuff from an unreliable source when members can get it from your friend at a cheaper price? Members can also sell old or unused goods to their friends who will cherish them instead of selling it to someone they don't know.

Find places to go - Looking for some fun activities to do during the weekend? With the Hi5 Clone, you can search for events in your area or even organize events for your friends to join.

Create and manage groups of people - Use Hi5 Clone to organize existing groups and/or identify and draw together individuals who share a common interest. These Groups can be focused on any subject, affiliation, or activity. Book clubs, soccer teams, and alumni groups can form their own Groups, as well as family members, hobbyists, or professionals.

Blogging - Members can share their thoughts and voice their own views on the web through their own online blog be it a personal diary, a news page or a political commentary.

Messaging - Hi5 Clone message system allows members to send a note to friends, colleagues and people who are listing items that interest them. Members can communicate with their Groups via group message boards and they can also schedule events to inform everyone in their Group of an upcoming event.

Make Money - With the affiliate module members can now invite friends and earn money when new members signup for paid membership packages! Members can also earn extra revenue by selling tickets for their own events

Personal Organizer - Hi5 Clone comes with a built-in calendar for members so that they can organize their daily schedules and activities on the go.

Answer life's questions - Hi5 Clone social network is a valuable online resource that contains most of the answers members need. Whether they are seeking a dentist, an organic grocery, or an inexpensive oil change, there is a very high chance that someone in the member's network already has the solution or expertise.

Member Functions

General Member Features
Password forget system
Members can create their unique username during registration for their personal profile URL (eg,
Ability to edit personal profile, upload photos to the photo albums, change account settings and many more!
NEW Security image code during registration to prevent automated signups
Display site statistics including total members in the social networking site and number of members who are online
Ability to upgrade membership plans using paypal payments
Recurring billing for paid membership plans and member can view transactions by date range and next billing period
Members can see who has view their profiles
Member voting system
5 most recently updated member profiles will be listed on main page
Members can edit and customize their profile layout [Demo]
Members can upload multimedia content in their profile which can be broadcast through online windows streaming
Allow members to cancel their account
NEW Members can upload multiple photos to their account
Members can create a member ignore list
Ability to bookmark a Group, listing or a member
Write a testimonial for a friend
Email notification which will send an email to the member when there is a new action to be taken (i.e invitations, new friend request, new testimonial and more)
NEW Members can now view who rated them
View History - Members are able to view the history of member profiles or groups they have visited.
Compose new messages just like any ordinary emails and send them to the member's network of friends
View inbox/sent/saved messages
Bulletin Board: Bulletin board messages created by a member will be broadcast to al friends
Search for new friends and increase the member's network of friends
Basic Search: search by first name, last name, email, distance and degrees
Advance Search: enhance search functions where members can search for friends by age, schools, gender, occupation, interest, company and many more! Members have the ability to display only friends with photos and sort search results.
Members can create listings which will be posting in the Listings Directory
Members can select the category where their listings will be posted and have the ability to upload photos, select the period of the listing (up to 30 days), make the listing anonymous. Members also have the ability to publish a listing to their groups (which only group members can view) or selected network of friends
Ability to search listings by keywords, category and subcategory, distance and degrees
Members can notify friends through email about their new listings
Groups draw together individuals who share a common interest. These groups can be focused on any subject, affiliation, or activity. Book clubs, soccer teams, and alumni groups can form their own Groups, as well as family members, hobbyists, or professionals
Members can create groups which will be listed in Groups Directory
Group Events - Members can create a group event
Discussion Board - Enable members to post messages in a group
File sharing system
Manage Group - This feature allows a member to manage the group type (public, moderated or private) and change other settings such as group URL, title, description and category
View the most popular and newest groups in the directory
Ability to search for groups by keywords
Member can invite friends to join their network
Support for multiple invitation
Members can view the invitations they have sent to their friends and its status (whether their friends have signed up)
Member can now use tags to display either normal invite or affiliate URL
Members can start their own online blog with a unique blog URL
Blog search function
Ability to create blog categories
Ability to edit/delete blog entires
Allows customization of blog layout such as custom header/css, background settings including music/image, blog font, color, time format
Built-in HTML editor for blog entries
RSS 2.0 support
NEW Articles

Members can post articles for fellow members to read
Built-in WYSIWYG editor for article posting and members can upload an image for each article
Members can leave a comment on each article
Ability to search for articles by keywords and date published
Members can view all topics and forum stats (number of post/ topics and last post)
Member can search for forum posts
Members can now be set as forum moderators by admin and have additional privileges to edit/delete existing postings
Ability to create new forum topics and post replies
Ability to browse event categories
Members can search for an event by keywords, category, dates degrees and distance.
Ability to create new public/private events
Event creator can specify the max number of guests each member can bring and allow comments by members
Built-in RSVP for each event: participating members can reply with yes/no/maybe and specify number of guest they are bringing
Event creator can invite friends in existing network or enter the email addresses for non-members to join event
Members can now add events to their calendar
NEW Event creator can export guest list in excel. The details include name, username, number of guest attending, status, ticket ID
Option for generating a unique ticket ID for attendees
NEW Event creator can have the option to charge members a fee for attending their event. The profits will be credited to the member's account
NEW Event creator can also have option to allow attendees to print ticket after payment [view screenshot]
NEW Event creator can set the event created as "Featured" and admin can set the amount for the featured listing fee
NEW Unique event URL (i.e
NEW Members now have the option to view events posted by them as well as events they are attending
Ability to chat with other members
Members can select chat rooms to talk to other members
Members can send private message or chat invitation to selected members
Ability to configure chat rooms (set display layout and sound controls)
Members can have their own personal online calendar
Ability to view/add new events
Instant Messenger
Members can send/reply IM to friends and view who is online
NEW Members can block friends
NEW Ability to view recent chats
NEW Configure advance IM settings such as auto-accept IM request, set time zone and select language preference
Image rating system where images of members are randomly displayed
Show top 25 men and women
Show most rated men and women
Show men and women by age
Affiliate Program
Unique affiliate link for each member
Support for Tier 1 and tier 2
Support for recurring commissions
Displays affiliate account stats overview
Shows affiliate commission details including amount earn and date
Members can withdraw affiliate earnings via paypal

Admin Functions

Template-based software
Easy to install. Run your own social networking site in minutes!
NEW Admin can set the social networking system to allow public registration or set it to "private invitation only"
NEW Hi5 Clone now supports more custom member data form fields such as textarea, radio buttons, checkbox and drop-down menu. Admin also has the ability to set them as searchable on the member search system
Admin can customize email messages and system messages
NEW Admin can set the % commission for each ticket sales and "Featured" event listing fee
Create/Edit custom profile themes for member
Admin can set the number of days to notify members of their upcoming events by email.
Admin can view payment history for all members by date and set min account balance for each member's account
Option to turn off security image during registration
NEW Admin can post announcement which will be displayed on member's account page
NEW Ability to restrict predefined email domains during member registration. This can be used to disallow signups using free email address
Users Manager
Ability to delete/ban members
Admin can mass mail or email selected members
Show member stats
Add/Deduct credits in each member's account
Admin can set a member as "Featured Profile" in main page
Add a new user account
Search Users
Ability to email address and name
Listings Manager
Ability to view/edit listings
Admin can add/delete categories
Ability to add sub-categories
Groups Manager
Ability to view/delete groups
Admin can add/delete categories
Set max file size and restrict file extension type
NEW Article Manager
Ability to manage article categories
Admin can add articles and edit/delete articles posted by members
NEW Image Manager
Admin can now manual approve images upload by members
Ability to batch process unapproved images
Display real-time statistic which includes total members, total visitors for the week and month, daily visitor stats, number of signups and signins for the week and month
Package Manager
Create/Edit custom membership packages
Admin has the ability to set prices for each membership plan with limited access to Groups, Listings, Events, Blog, Chat, Forum and number of photo uploads. Great for creating a profitable social networking business!
Events Manager
Ability to view/delete events
Admin can add/delete event categories
Blogs Manager
Ability to view/delete blogs
Forums Manager
Ability to view/delete forum postings
Admin can add/delete forum categories
Banner Manager
Admin can add/edit new banner ad for header and footer
Supports flash banner ads
Set duration for banner display by date range, number of clicks or number of impressions
Ability to block/unblock current banner ads
View banner status and statistics (number of clicks, impressions and click-though rate)
Advance IP blocking system
Chat Rooms Manager
Ability to edit chat rooms
Affiliate Module
Ability to set affiliate settings such as tier 1 and 2 commission amount and minimum withdraw for affiliates
Admin can view commissions (including recurring commissions ) by month and year showing username and commission amount
Admin can track where referrals are coming from and traffic log for each member will show IP address and HTTP referrer. Traffic stats report also include total hits, unique hits and number of registrations.
Affiliate Payout: all withdraw requests will be shown here and a
paypal link will be automatically generated for each payment.
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lets not be rude.

If you have any specifics on the above we would love to help. Otherwise it is just too large to expect a reasonable response.
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You are asking to help on an entire project which I think will be very difficult at javaranch. So I'd suggest you to get hold of someone nearby your place who can help you guys with this!
moneer mohammed
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Thank guys for your response , but I did not want help for entire project
I want your advice as we (my team) are fresher , like some guideness
1-is there any project witch we can download it and integrate to our project
Thanks in advance
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