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class not found error
hi all
when i compile java program at compile time there is no errror but in run time i got class not found error

what is the meaning that error
Welcome to JavaRanch.

It generally means that one of the libraries that were in the classpath during compilation are not in the classpath at runtime. Which class is missing? Is its jar file in the WEB-INF/lib directory?
Hi vijayan natarajan

Please tell me that you are amking a command line java program or working on web application.

If you are working on command line single file application. Just check the file name and class name is matching or not(case sensitive).

if it is a web application then put all your lib in WEB-INF/lib directory file
Pls check if your compiled java class file is in the classpath or not.

Gayathri Chowduru,
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Also, until we know if this is a web app or not, we can't really advise the original poster on classpath issues.
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