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Could java.lang.InternalError: jzentry ==0 cause the crash of my hard drive?
Hello all,
Last week the hard drive on my brand new computer crashed. The computer is only two months old and it has a windows XP professional version operating system. I am extremely concerned that the crash was due to my application because as I was testing I got an error that I had never seen before, java.lang.InternalError: jzentry ==0. I Googled the error and didn�t see anything alarming so I continued the testing and except for one page that kept crashing and giving the same error everything seemed to work fine. But when I shut down the system, the process began okay but ended with the infamous blue screen of death. After that no matter what the tech. support guys and I did, we could not reboot the system.
I do not think that any user application developed using known and respected products such as J2EE or Resin or Apache should cause such a fatal crash, but shouldn�t and wouldn�t aren�t the same thing. So, I am asking anyone with any experience in this regard to help me figure out what could have caused the problem. One of the tech support guys said a virus could�ve caused the crash, but I have virus protection software and I have been applying all the updates from Microsoft and the virus protection vendor regularly. He said it could have been cause by moving my laptop too much!
Than you in advance for input and advice.
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My guess is you got the java.lang.InternalError because of a defective hard drive (or controller or driver) and not as you propose. If you look at the source code in the core API you will notice that java.lang.InternalError is thrown when something entirely unexpected happens for example when a class implements Cloneable and a CloneNotSupportedException is thrown. Unexpected things can definitely happen when a hard drive is flaking in any OS that uses virtual memory like XP. So I wouldn't worry about the application killing your hardware. On the other hand, if you have figured a way to do that with Java the hacker dudes at Cult of the Dead Cow would certainly like to know about it.
Thanks Michael,
I certainly hope I�m not the author of the ultimate killer application, I�m not smart enough to fix it after I break it.

Anyway, since I lost everything and have to rewrite them I may never find out for sure what caused the crash. But your answer gives me a little peace of mind.
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