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Analyzing Java source code
Hi All,
I am looking for a tool that analyzes Java/C++ source code to identify design and other issues associated with the code. The tool should be able to identify the reusability ,extensibility of the source code with good report generation features.
I did some lookup on the internet and found some tools like JDepend, Lexient Surveyor.
If any of you came across tools like this and have any suggestions, it would be appreciated
Thanks in advance,
See JTest too.
Thanks Stan,
I checked out this tool and found it very useful. Do you know of any other tools.
I did a paper for grad school and just googled for "java static source code analysis" and found a bunch of things. One of the trade journals just had an article about how little value these tools and and a nice rebuttal from a vendor. I considered JTest and one of the others seriously for enforcement of team standards and found most of what they point out is pretty trivial or even counter productive - like too many required comments. JTest is interesting in that it points out things that are often invitations to bugs and suggests corrections. That might be worth while.
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