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combo box
Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong here? I am trying to enable a listener to select the text from the combo box so I can set the string value from
String [] Irates ={"5.35","5.5","5.75"};
String [] Nyears = {"7","15","30"};

thses strings and assign them to these variables with a loop

double aprnum = Double.parseDouble("0" + apr.getText());
double yearnum = Double.parseDouble("0" + yearsField.getText());

I have read and tried this for the past 10 hours and everytime I get it setup where it will compile and run (I think) the buttons quit working.


For starters:

1. You need an action listener for the "choices" combo box to see which loan type the user has chosen.

2. years and apr are returning null as you have it written. You don't need to store values in JTextFields such as yearsfield and apr. Get rid of those JTextFields. Then, you don't have to bother converting their text into doubles. you can keep them in memory by giving their value to a variable. This would be done in the action listener for the choices combo box as follows:

I don't see any loop in there that would list the balances, so you will need to add that somehow.
thank you it worked like a champ. I was trying that once before but I was not including it in the correct method.
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