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Christopher McLaughlin
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Alright here is the situation, I am trying to create a Calculator applet that accepts complex number expressions, does the calculation and returns the results in a seperate text area in the form of:

expression = "rectangular form" or "polar form"

also there are three radio buttons which change the format of the expression.

at this point I can only get the calculate button to work half-arsed, and none of the radio buttons to work at all.

here is my CalcApplet.java file

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class CalcApplet extends JApplet implements ActionListener
protected JTextField entry;
protected JTextArea results;
protected JScrollPane resultsPane;
protected JButton calculate, clear, clearResults;
protected JRadioButton infix, prefix, postfix;
protected JPanel input, output, mode;
protected ButtonGroup group;

static String sInfix = "Infix Notation";
static String sPrefix = "Prefix Notation";
static String sPostfix = "Postfix Notation";

public void init()
// create GUI components
entry = new JTextField(35);
results = new JTextArea(10, 40);
JScrollPane resultsPane = new JScrollPane(results);
calculate = new JButton("Calculate");
clear = new JButton("Clear");
clearResults = new JButton("Clear Results");
infix = new JRadioButton(sInfix);
prefix = new JRadioButton(sPrefix);
postfix = new JRadioButton(sPostfix);
group = new ButtonGroup();

//create and fill mode JPanel
mode = new JPanel();

//create and fill the input JPanel
input = new JPanel();

//create and fill the output JPanel
output = new JPanel();

//add the JPanels to the content pane
getContentPane().add(mode, BorderLayout.NORTH);
getContentPane().add(input, BorderLayout.CENTER);
getContentPane().add(output, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

//Setup ActionListener
calculate.addActionListener( this );
clear.addActionListener( this );
clearResults.addActionListener( this );
infix.addActionListener ( this );
prefix.addActionListener ( this );
postfix.addActionListener ( this );

public Term createTermObject()

String text = entry.getText();
Term expr = ExprParser.parse( text );
return expr;

public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent e )

Object src = e.getSource();

if (src == calculate)
Term term = createTermObject();
results.append( term + "=" + term.toString() + " or " /* + term.toPolarString*/ + "\n" );
else if (src == clear)
else if (src == clearResults)


and here is the website it is currently on: www.cet.nau.edu/~ckm33/cs126/proj5

and this is the site where the instructor put up what a finished product should look like and do:


As you can see if you put in 5*i on his version the result is proper,
but when you use mine it comes out wrong...

any ideas?
fred rosenberger
lowercase baba
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Please don't post the same question in multiple forums. It's exremely frustrating when somebody takes the time to help you, and then finds out you've already gotten an answer in a different place. Also, you may get confused when different people start giving different suggestions as to what to try...

i imagine a moderator will close one of these posts soon...

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