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filing an array with the output from a method

I've written an actionPerformed method for a basic swing program. This program takes input from a text field and then converts it for the required result. Therefore, there are two doubles produced.

Basically, how would I then add those two results to an array so I could call them from two other buttons?

I'm having real problems linking an array to an actionPerformed method. My current actionPerformed method is as follows,

I really can't seem to see the wood for the trees with this one. Any help appreciated!
First of I would use an ArrayList instead of an array since it is more or less dynamically resized. If you want your ArrayList to be seen everywhere else in your class you should declare is as an instance variable. I can't tell from what ou have posted whether you are using a seperate concrete class to implement your ActionListener or an anonymous inner class, so its kind of hard to tell you exactly how to do it. If you are using an anonymous inner class I would do it like this.

Hope I helped a little.


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Please don't post the same question in multiple forums. This topic in JiG Beginner already has some replies, too -- I'm closing this thread.
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