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Need Clarification for Overriding concept.
Hi All,

Please look at the following statements. I have taken this from Java Language Specification.

A class C inherits from its direct superclass and direct superinterfaces all non-private methods (whether abstract or not) of the superclass and superinterfaces that are public, protected or declared with default access in the same package as C and [BOLD]are neither overridden nor hidden by a declaration in the class.[/BOLD]

I am not able to get the concept clearly for the text mentioned bold.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks in Advance!!!
So what is exactly your question - do you want to know what "overriding" means?

Overriding means that you write a method in a subclass that has the same signature (same name and same parameter types) as a method in its superclass. For example:

If class Sub did not have an implementation of someMethod(String), it would inherit the method from class Super.
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