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A Bit Stuck!
I'm currently studying artificial neural networks and coding a feed forward network in Java. I have coded a lot of it but i'm a bit stuck now as i ain't done java in a long time. I have commented what i need to do as i understand what its doing, just not how to code it. Any ideas - i have highlighted the bit i'm stuck on in bold down near the bottom. Here is the code:

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I'd say the missing parts are at least 50% of what's needed to implement this network. That may be a bit much to expect someone to get into it and try to figure out what needs to be done. Can you be a bit more specific about how or why you are stuck? Is it the Java syntax, the math, the logic of neural networks, ... ?

You might find some inspiration about this topic in JOONE, particularly the joone-engine 1.2.1. It is an extensible NN implementation, which does everything that you are about to code.
I just don't understand how to code the commented parts. We have created all the letters of the alphabet using o's and 1's and this programme will read the letters in, assign weights to them and thats about as much as we understand - our lecturer doesn't actually know how to do java so is of no use what so ever - just really stuck here.

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