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convert c# to java code

I have the below small c# code that i need to convert to Java.

Hope someone who knows the 2 programming languages help me to convert it to java.

C# and Java look a lot like each other. That piece of C# isn't very hard to understand if you know Java.

Have you looked at it yourself and tried to write some Java code that does the same? Are there specific things in the C# code that you don't understand?

The code is doing things with images. I've taken a short look at it and what it seems to be doing is that it loads an image, crops it and resizes it to generate a thumbnail.

If you want to learn how to work with graphics and images in Java, look at the 2D Graphics Tutorial.
i wrote below 2 java methods:the cropping works but the image quality is poor.

how can i get highest image rendering quality ?


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