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What is so unique about "Java Programming cookbook"?
What is so unique about "Java Programming cookbook" ? Why there is just another beginner book when we have lots of good book's out there in the market? Is this book a late comer?

"Java Cookbook by orielliy publications" is already there which gives recipes and practical examples. In my opinion it is a worth read.
Also, Beginning Java by Ivor horton is the best java book I have ever read.

Is there anything unique about this book? Or is it just another java book which is not worth trying?

Before buying a book I think these questions make sense.

Hi Sundar,

First, its good that you have found a Java book that you like. I am always happy when someone becomes a Java programmer!

As to what is in my book, here what I said on a previous post:

My cookbook does not teach Java, per se. Rather, it is a "hands-on" guide that shows how to accomplish many common, practical tasks in Java. Thus, it assumes a basic, working knowledge of Java.

Each recipe follows the same format and includes the following items:

. The key ingredients (classes, interfaces, and methods used by the recipe)
. Step-by-step instructions that show how to craft a solution.
. An in-depth discussion of the steps
. A complete example that puts the recipe into action.
. Options and alternatives

You can find a table of contents, along with chapter 1 (which introduces the book) at its page on the McGraw-Hill web site.

An example recipe can be found on my web site. Just click on the book's title on the home page. In the description for the book, you will find a link to a sample recipe.

Also on my web site is a new commentary that explains why it "took me so long" to write the book. As you will see, I have been wanting to write a programming cookbook since my college days!
I think Sundar is asking if there is anything specific about your book that is different than the OReilly Java Cookbook; maybe different recipes, different problems, etc.
Hi Barry,

I can't speak to what may or may not be in another book.

I will say this, however: A good cook will usually have more than one cookbook.

I recommend that you read my commentary on my website. As I explain there, this is the type of book that I have been wanting to write for a very long time. Finally, I got the chance to do it.

And yes, it does make a great companion to my other books, including:

Java: The Complete Reference
Java: A Beginner's Guide
Swing: A Beginner's Guide
The Art of Java

What can I say? I really enjoy writing about (and programming in) Java!

A good cook will usually have more than one cookbook.

Absolutely! One can always learn from more than 1 book.

And good cooks will take a bits from each recipe and come up with their own.

Congratulations on your achievement!

Originally posted by Herb Schildt:
A good cook will usually have more than one cookbook.

I agree, above answer says it all. Thanks for your kind response.


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