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Using Patterns for Date String
Hi all

i need some suggestions in woking with pattern/matcher classes for dates.What i am doing is giving an input date as "24 Feb 2002".My output should be displayed as :-
//d+//s//w+//d{4},//d+//s//w+//d+ etc (that is all possible combination which if i give as the argument to Pattern.matcher() and using the matcher class,output is the date "24 Feb 2002" )ie i am doing a reverse process.

i was putting the above string in a character array and my idea was to assign d ,w one by one for digits and words respectively and then display the final output as //d+//s//w+//d{4} or whatever.Any better idea?

Thanks in advance
I don't understand what you're trying to do... Do you actually want to parse some string containing dates in a specific format and find them in this string? Or format dates from one formatting into another? If first is true, then the regex to use would be more like: "\\d+\\s\\w+\\s\\d{4}" (notice using backslashes instead of slashes). But you must be aware, that such regex may also match expressions like e.g. '12323434 _123_ 1342', which is not really a date...
If you're actually trying to reformat a date stored as string, take a look at java.text.DateFormat / java.text.SimpleDateFormat API.

Ok now I think I know what you're trying to do. Do you actually want to put in some expression and receive as output regexes that would match it? There is Pattern#quote method, but as far as I know, it only returns literal pattern (no character classes)... Retrieving pattern that uses character classes from a given input sequence doesn't seem like a trivial task.
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i am giving the input as "24 Feb 2002" in a string.what my code should do is to produce the possible regular expression for that string like //d+//s//w+//d{4},//d+//s//w+//d+ etc for this case.Hope its clear now.

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